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You Can Count On Us When...
you need expert computer repair on business and/or personal systems and laptop repairs.

We Can Also Help With...
Other services such as installation of office, commercial, industrial, or residential systems, or Network design, Hardware installation, Data Backup Solutions, Virus Protection, Time and  Billing Software and more.


At ONS, One of our core competencies is that we understand that different customers have different needs. Our free initial consultation is therefore designed to allow us to more thoroughly understand your business and only then make an informed assessment - based on your computing and/or networking needs. For example, during our complimentary walk-through, we may typically assess the following in order to make a truly competent recommendation:

  • What is your projected growth? ONS may just be able to provide that final link you need to take your company to the next level.
  • Is your company down-sizing?  If so, we may be able to train your staff to handle certain tasks in-house in order to minimize expenditures for you.
  • How many satellite/remote offices do you currently operate?  Do you see yourself having multiple offices?  Will you be moving?  ONS will get you there. 
  • Are there any security concerns?  ONS offers a full range of security services including wireless encryption, firewall installation, virtual private network implementation, remote satellite office VPN client set up and much more.

These and other questions allow ONS to help you in the most reliable, professional manner.


Another assest which distinguishes us from our competitors is that, at ONS, we understand that not everyone speak techno-babble. Therefore, we will not baffle you with industry jargon but will instead explain thing in everyday language, both to save you time but also so you can truly understand and trust in or recommendations.

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To get started call 210-858-6613.

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